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Jini360 - A 360 Degree Approach to Community Membership Management

A easy to use Community Membership Management solution from Eventjini, India's largest sports registration platform. It is now easy to engage with your community through Jini360, an intuitive solution to Large Sports events, Running and Fitness groups, Event managers, Trainers and Coaches. Jini360 has features that will help you take informed decisions when it comes to managing your community. It provides you CMS based Website, Flexible forms, Comprehensive reports, Race support, Merchandise sales, and more. Check out our new features below and reach us if you need a demo.

Team Website

Your member engagement for the community starts with your community website. And it is very critical that this website is easy to navigate for your members and easy for the community manager to manage and maintain the website and it's content. Jini360 allows you to create the website in no time, add content and layout easily through its CMS platform.

Comprehensive Registrations

Your member registration forms perform multiple functions. They gather member information, facilitate charity collection and merchandise sales. Timing data collection for registration approval, identification information for validation, participant preferences and payment collection are among the other details that the registration forms collate. Jini360 enables you to accomplish these tasks through a simple and quick process.

Member Support Management

One of the most time consuming activities of a fitness management organization is addressing questions from their members. The number of questions increase as you get closer to race day.

Integrated E-Store

Member engagement starts with them associating with your brand and buy your merchandise from you. By enabling an online store to sell your merchandise or products of your sponsors and partners online, Jini360 helps you build brand association and member engagement.

Read more to understand how Jini360 can help you setup and operate an e-store on your site.

Comprehensive Dashboards and Reports

You need regular monitoring of your member's activities on your website to help them better. By understanding their behaviour on your community app, you can understand how to sell more, engage more with your audience.

A comprehensive overview of the profile of the participants who register will help in making precise marketing decisions for future events. Details of merchandise that move fast, will allow for effective inventory control

Jini360 provides a way for you to track and be in control of these critical details. Here is a peek into our dashboards and reports.

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